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Welcome to Zero Seal Systems Ltd, specialist hardware suppliers to the architectural ironmongery, partitioning and door manufacturing industry. Established in the UK in 1997 we have grown in to more than just a seal company; the ZEROplus range is exactly what it says – Zero sealing systems for doors and windows plus other door hardware products including vision frames and louvres. In fact, we can supply everything except the door!

We have built a strong reputation for the next-day service we offer backed by an extensive stock-holding. Based in Stafford we are centrally based to service the UK and Ireland, and export orders are readily despatched by TNT or DHL. Why not try us out?


Zero Flood Barriers for Doors

We would like to drop the spot light on our Flood Barriers for Doors. The easy to install Zero flood barrier can be fitted in many types of door opening, both residential and industrial, as an effective method of protecting contents from water ingress in flood-prone areas. During times of heavy rain the Zero Flood Barrier can effectively stop up to a foot or more of water from permeating door openings.

The custom made shields are produced from Marine Grade aluminium, thus making them very strong to resist bending when put under pressure from heavy waters.   The Marine Grade aluminium used also has excellent corrosion properties.  The shields are available in various heights depending on the level of risk, and do not require muscle or tools to be fitted in the pre-mounted vertical channels. The Zero Flood Barrier can be easily removed when the risk of flooding has passed.

The Zero Flood Barrier has two mounting options; Inside Mount where the channels are mounted to the door frame, and Outside Mount gives you the option of mounting the channels to the adjacent walls.  Both options have multiple adjustment points to give an optimum water tight seal.

The key to the shield’s impermeability is the use of closed cell sponge neoprene rubber engineered by Zero to ensure a watertight seal. The rubber lines the aluminium channel brackets and the bottom of each shield section. The neoprene also compensates for gaps at the floor, but we do recommend the use of one of our various aluminium thresholds as these give a better seal than concrete or wooden floors.  The quality of the seal at the floor is critical to the Zero Flood Barrier’s performance.

Zero Flood Barrier Shield

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