Stainless Steel Escutcheons

Stainless Steel Escutcheons

53mm dia x 4mm thick, satin stainless steelZ904.4E-SSSZ904.4B-SSSZ904.4U-SSSZ904.4L-SSSZ904.4W-SSS
53mm dia x 7mm thick, satin stainless steelZ904.7E-SSSZ904.7B-SSSZ904.7U-SSSZ904.7L-SSSZ904.7W-SSS
52mm dia x 8mm thick, polished anodised aluminiumZ904.8E-PAAN/AZ904.8U-PAAZ904.8L-PAAZ904.8W-PAA

product-z904-7sec SECURITY ESCUTCHEONS

Z904.7 SEC : External security escutcheon for euro profile 12.5mm high, supplied with common 8mm external escutcheon, with fixings, satin stainless steel


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