Folding Shutter Seals

Individually assembled kits designed to seal most makes of concertina folding shutter doors. Each kit contains four pre-cut and punched lengths of No 3 section brush strip and one specially formed nose piece suitable for sealing the top or bottom of one pair of panels. Kits can be supplied with brush strip trims of 20mm, 34mm and 50mm. All products are aluminium, silver mill finish. Brushes are black.

Most installations require that each panel should be sealed half on the inside and half on the outside. Seals should be fitted with the door in the closed position. In all cases the nose pieces should be fitted first to the outside of the door and the straight sections fitted on alternate sides of each panel with the outside piece butting up to the nose cone and the inside piece butting up to the back picket. The door should be opened and closed from time to time during fitting to ensure free running is maintained.

When ordering please advise make of door (nose cone style), size of panels, number of single panels, depth of gap to be sealed, and if bottom only or bottom and top are being sealed.

There are four different nose cones to suit different manufacturers’ panels:

TYPE 1 : Bolton, Kenson, Priory, Stanley, Martin Roberts.
TYPE 2 : Acme, Bond, Bostwick, Brody, Brooks, Denison Kett, Mercian, Potter Rax, Syston, Haskins, Pollard.
TYPE 3 : Henderson.
TYPE 4 : Westland.

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