Zero EMI/RFI Shielding System

Zero EMI/RFI Shielding System EMI = Electro Magnetic Interference RFI = Radio Frequency Interference

This is a reliable and adjustable shielding system for doors in continuous use. The ZEROplus EMI/RFI door sealing system consists of multiple head, jamb and threshold seals that block electro magnetic and radio frequency interference at door openings. The system has practical applications for government offices, laboratories, hospitals, embassies, airports and rooms in companies using sensitive electronic equipment.

All aluminium parts have an irridate finish (MIL-C5541class III) to ensure maximum electrical conductivity across the gasket-flange interface. This coating also keeps the metal from forming an insulating oxide film that might act to break the circuit. Solid carbon-filled silicone rubber gaskets complete the electrical circuit while forming a tight seal against the door and threshold. The system is adjustable to compensate for any door mis-alignment. Installation consultation is available from ZEROplus.

Products included in the set.

Z950 : 127mm stainless steel cam hinge.
770 EMI : Adjustable frame seal. Irridate finish.
365 EMI : Automatic door bottom. 914mm long.
564B : Brass threshold.
19WB : Bronze spring with drive screws.

Lead-lined automatic door bottoms also available.

350XA : Mortice dropseal lead-lined. 914mm long.
351XAA : Surface dropseal lead-lined. 914mm long.

Please refer to Zero International for CAD drawings, data sheets and fixing instructions.

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