Zero “ZAG” Anti-Ligature Gasketing

Zero now offers an anti-ligature option to prevent gasketing from being used for other than intended purposes, including harming self or others. The rubber in our patented anti-ligature gasketing is scored before insertion into aluminium extrusions, allowing normal function for its specified purpose but designed to break into pieces if removed from the extrusion for any reason.

Applications for anti-ligature gasketing include hospitals, young offender institutions, prisons, psychiatric and mental health units.

Gasketing ordered with this patented feature is installed as usual, with no special handling required.

In addition to the applications shown below, the anti-ligature option can be supplied on request with most other Zero gasketing. To order, add ZAG to the part number.

US Patent #7788852


Elongated fixing holes, black ZAG gasket, scored, aluminium carrier.


Elongated fixing holes, black ZAG closed cell sponge neoprene, scored, aluminium carrier.


Elongated fixing holes, black ZAG flipper gasket, scored, aluminium carrier.


Elongated fixing holes, black ZAG bulb gasket, scored, aluminium carrier, snap on black cover.


Standard teardrop seal, PSA self-adhesive, Compress-O-Matic, 6.4mm thick x 12.7mm wide.

Please refer to Zero International for CAD drawings, data sheets and fixing instructions.

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