STC 3003 Sound Sheet Sound Barrier

STC 3003 Sound Sheet Sound Barrier offers OEM door manufacturers a lighter weight lead-free, high-performance alternative to conventional sound core materials in their acoustic doors. Suitable for layering during construction, Sound Sheet is a fireproof laminated material that acts as a dense sound barrier layer. It is nearly as effective as solid lead in stopping the transmission of sound and can dramatically increase STC values. As the STC 3003 material weighs much less than lead, it provides major cost savings in shipping, as well as easier manufacturing and installation.

In some cases, Sound Sheet can also be applied as an outer layer to existing doors. If your door does not measure up to expectations, consider the possibilities for enhancing its performance with the addition of one or two layers of our sound-blocking material. This product has been tested in steel doors up to STC 56, as well as timber doors up to STC 47.

Available in 305mm wide x 2438mm long black sheets and in various thicknesses: 1.6mm, 3.2mm, 6.4mm and 9.5mm. When used in the construction of acoustic doors it is best to use two sheets of different thickness.

STC3003X062 : 305 x 2438 x 1.6mm.

STC3003X125 : 305 x 2438 x 3.2mm.

STC3003X250 : 305 x 2438 x 6.4mm.

STC3003X375 : 305 x 2438 x 9.5mm.

Please refer to Zero International for CAD drawings, data sheets and fixing instructions.

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