Zero Flood Barrier Shield

The Flood Barrier Shield is a simple to install and remove barrier for doors that helps in protecting household contents from water ingress in flood-prone areas. When water from heavy rains accumulate, the Flood Barrier Shield effectively blocks up to a foot or more of flood waters from permeating door openings. It can be easily removed when the risk of flooding has passed.

Available in sections, to make 254, 508, 610, 762, and 914mm high barriers – the aluminium shield requires no muscles or tools for easy insertion into pre-mounted vertical channels attached to either the door frame or adjacent walls. The unit complies with standards of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Federal Insurance Administration (FIA) for use on doors in flood-prone areas of the USA.

The key to the shield’s impermeability is the use of closed cell sponge neoprene rubber engineered by Zero to ensure a watertight seal. The rubber lines the aluminium channel brackets and the bottom of each shield section. The neoprene also compensates for gaps at the threshold. Please specify either Option 1 inside mount or Option 2 outside mount when ordering.

Each Flood Barrier is custom cut. Please specify the exact width required when ordering. The 304A threshold is an optional extra.

2070A-10 : with 254mm high barrier.
2070A-20 : with 508mm high barrier.
2070A-24 : with 610mm high barrier.
2070A-30 : with 762mm high barrier.
2070A-36 : with 914mm high barrier.
2070N : neoprene only. U shaped.
304A : aluminium butt threshold.


Please refer to Zero International for CAD drawings, data sheets and fixing instructions.

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