Zero Structural Acoustics

Zero now offers structural sound solution products for floors and walls. These include suspension isolators & silencing tape.

Sound-damping materials and products are used to isolate or insulate structural elements in floors and walls and perform a vital role in reducing vibrations to minimise sound transmission. Zero’s structural acoustical solutions use proprietary extruded rubber formulated for optimal sound absorption and maximum durability.

C-Channel Suspension Isolators can be used to “decouple” and acoustically isolate floor joists from the rest of the structure. Structural Silencing Tape can be applied directly to both floor joists and wall studs to absorb and dampen vibrations.



Function : “Damping shoes” support and acoustically isolate floor framing members, i.e. joists.
Material : Extruded EPDM rubber formulated to reduce or eliminate vibrations.
Size : 38mm wide x 54mm high x 51mm long. Shaped to accommodate standard joint dimensions.
Colour : Black.


Material : Extruded low-density, high-elasticity neoprene rubber, self-adhesive one side.
Function : Designed for application to floor joists and wall studs. Apply to joists or studs, and install floor or wall construction as usual. Absorbs and dampens vibrations.
Size : 36.5mm wide x 3.2mm thick. Supplied in 22.8 metre (75 ft) coils.
Colour : Green.

Please refer to Zero International for CAD drawings, data sheets and fixing instructions.

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