Telescopic Door & Window Stays

long-z107ruzt The extended range of Z107 telescopic door & window stays; the Z107/RUZT, is available in four sizes to suit windows up to full width doors. The 225mm (stay length) for windows, up to the 525mm for doors all offer the same smooth operation and ease of friction adjustment; friction is easily adjusted on site by rotating the knurled sleeve. The unit contains a spring mechanism that dampens the opening force of the door or window. They are normally fitted in outward opening applications, but a bracket to suit inward opening doors and windows is included as standard with every stay. With metal fixing brackets the range is robust and offers adjustable friction levels. As well as being available in a wide range of sizes they are also available in various architectural finishes to complement door or window hardware. These being: silver sprayed rod with dark grey brackets, white sprayed rod with white brackets, and simulated stainless steel plated rod with black brackets. Now also available in Grade 304 satin stainless steel with dark grey brackets – see here.

Z107/RUZT120 : MINI STAY. For windows only. Length of stay 225-290mm. Available all three finishes as below.
Z107/RUZT130 : SMALL STAY. For windows and very narrow doors. Length of stay 325-445mm. Available all three finishes as below.
Z107/RUZT135 : MEDIUM STAY. For doors 500-700mm. Length of stay 380-550mm. Available all three finishes as below
Z107/RUZT150 : LARGE STAY. For doors 700-910mm. Length of stay 525-845mm. Available all three finishes as below


SE : Silver grey sprayed rod and dark grey brackets.
WE : White sprayed rod and white brackets.
SF : Simulated satin stainless steel rod & black brackets (INOX).
SS : Grade 304 satin stainless steel: see here.


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