Zero Anti-Bacterial Finger Protection

Zero Anti-Bacterial Finger Protection Zero has developed BioWall™ anti-bacterial rubber in response to rising hygienic standards and increasing demand for practical, anti-microbial applications in many facilities. Applications range from hospitals, nursing homes and doctors’ offices, to veterinary facilities, to schools. Wherever minimising microbial exposures is crucial to occupant and visitor well-being, BioWall™ can help maintain a sanitary work environment.


This revolutionary, non-toxic rubber inhibits and suppresses microbial growth and reproduction. It was formulated using revolutionary, non-toxic infusion technology, combined with proprietary extrusion technology, natural anti-microbial ingredients and breakthrough synthetics. It provides long-lasting defence against bacteria, fungi, molds and other micro-organisms.


Our technology provides natural resistance to abrasion, washing, and exposure to UV radiation and various chemicals. Zero BioWall™ anti-bacterial rubber is designed to withstand surface wear and tear to maintain long-lasting anti-microbial protection.


New anti-bacterial hand and finger protection for child care facilities, hospitals and nursing homes, doctors’ offices, and other locations requiring highest standards of hygiene. It is available in two versions. 971AA-BIO and 972AA-BIO have visible fixings whereas 973AA-BIO and 974AA-BIO have concealed fixings.


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