ZEROplus Fabric Finger Roller Blind

ZEROplus Fabric Finger Roller Blind Aluminium finger protection roller blind system to prevent fingers being trapped between the edge of the door and the door frame. The blind pulls out of the frame fixed housing to span the gap as the door opens and retracts as it closes. The motion of the moving blind against fingers provides a warning for a hand to be moved away from a potential finger trapping incident. This design is preferred by automatic door manufacturers. However it is suitable for use on single action doors whether they are manually or power operated.

The standard colour for the fabric blind insert is black. The blind insert has been available in the past in white or black PVC (ZTSA-01/W.PVC and ZTSA-01/B.PVC); now discontinued although stock may still be available. The fabric insert has also been available in grey until recently (ZTSA-01/G.FAB); now discontinued although stock may still be available. During 2015 we have extended the width of the blind to be 254mm as standard (from the original 150mm) as this allows for use on thicker doors, or doors on projecting hinges or pivots. The blind comprises a nylon weaved mesh sandwiched between two pieces of PVC. It is stronger than plain PVC and less likely than cloth to attract dust and dirt. The blind is spring-loaded and retracts into the housing when the door closes.

The housing is manufactured from aluminium and the standard finishes are satin anodised aluminium (SAA) and black anodised aluminium (BLK) but it can be powder coated to special order.

This is a product that should not be cut down on site. The standard length is 1950mm to avoid the need for cutting down on site, but other lengths are available to special order up to 2025mm. For automatic doors it is important that the blind runs the full height of the door up to 2000mm. Please note that the length of the housing is 15mm greater than the length of the blind. For example, if ordering a 2000mm length, the overall length of the housing will be 2015mm.

Please note that the frame stop must be at least 40mm in order to fit the roller blind. This product is supplied with screw fixing and double-sided tape to provide a choice of fixing methods. Screw heads are concealed from sight by a push-in strip.

This product is suitable for internal and external use.

ZTSA-SAA.FABX : 1950mm long, silver housing, 254mm black fabric blind insert.

ZTSA-BLK.FABX : 1950mm long, black housing, 254mm black fabric blind insert.


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