ANSI Automatic Flush Bolts – Timber Doors

ANSI Automatic Flush Bolts - Timber Doors The Z005 (1942) is U.L. listed for use on the inactive leaf of a pair of timber doors, and fits the standard ANSI preparation. The units are supplied in pairs, consisting of a bolt for the top of the door and another bolt for the bottom of the door. The Z005 is similar to the Z004 above but is a different size and has sawdust covers to fit over the bolt housings. Whereas the Z004 has concealed extended rods, the rods on the Z005 are shorter and already fitted in place.

The unit is fully automatic and requires no power or electricity. When the active door is closed, the bolts project into the frame, securing the inactive leaf. When the active door is opened, the top and bottom bolts in the inactive leaf are automatically retracted for easy egress.

The patented non-handed cam triggering device is at the heart of this smooth easy-acting mechanism; a low closing force of only 5 lbs is required to drive a pair of bolts allowing door closing devices to perform at maximum efficiency. An override feature prevents damage to doors or frame, should the bolt heads and strikes be misaligned i.e. the bolts be prevented from penetrating either the top or bottom strikes. The bolts have a 19mm throw and are adjustable up to 38mm for unusual clearance or conditions. They also have a thermal lock that automatically locks the inactive door under high heat conditions due to fire.


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