Mazak Flush Bolts for Doors

Architectural flush bolts for double metal doors, made from mazak, a zinc alloy.

Our mazak flush bolts for doors are invisible when doors are closed. Fitted to the top and bottom leading edge, they are designed to go on the inactive leaf of a pair of metal doors. One pair of bolts will secure both doors. Simply bolt and secure the inactive leaf, then lock the active one.

These flush bolts are made from a mazak zinc alloy. They are generally not suitable for fire-rated doors unless they are independently tested.

MATERIAL : Mazak zinc alloy.

FINISH : Architectural silver finish.

ROD : Steel rod with either steel tip (/S) for use with steel doors or nylon tip (/N) for use with aluminium doors.

FACE : Flat face (.1) for use on square-edged doors (usually steel) or radius face (.2) for use on radius-edged doors (usually aluminium).

FIXINGS : Supplied with rod, guide bracket and screws.

Flush bolt range

Z001: Concealed -extension flush bolt for doors.

  • 265 mm rod
  • Zinc alloy silver finish
  • Body size 144 mm x 23 mm
  • 5⁄16 BSW thread
  • 16 mm throw
  • 12.7 mm dia shoot

Z008 : Concealed extension flush bolt.

  • 265 mm rod
  • Zinc alloy silver finish
  • Body size 172 mm x 25 mm
  • 16 mm throw
  • 12.7 mm dia shoot

Z009.2/N : Concealed extension flush bolt with radius face.

  • 250 mm rod with nylon tip
  • Aluminium silver finish
  • Body size 150 mm x 25 mm
  • 16 mm throw
  • 11 mm dia shoot


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