3-D Adjustable Heavy Duty Hinges

3-D Adjustable Heavy Duty Hinges These are a range of heavy duty 3-D adjustable hinges to suit un-rebated steel doors. The fixing lugs on the hinge portion slide into the frame box, this then offers 3mm of adjustment in three dimensions; side to side, up or down and compression. All by simply using an allen key and turning the relevant screw. This unique mounting method ensures easy installation even in the trickiest environments. Another advantage of these hinges is that manufacture of the frame and door leaf can be carried out in different locations and then easily married up on site. They have maintenance free axial-radial slide bearing technology for smooth operation and an internal torsion-proof pin. All hinges are CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1935: 2002.


ZVX7729/100, ZVX7729/160



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