Proquinter Spring Hinges

Proquinter Spring Hinges Spring hinges to suit either single swing doors or double swing doors. With adjustable spring strength to alter closing power, supplied with tension bar and locking pin. Lubrication hole in knuckle. Riveted head standard for silver sprayed finish (except 200mm size), but also available with threaded classic caps. Brass and stainless steel hinges only available with threaded classic caps.



102300 : Pair 75mm single action spring hinge No.0, silver sprayed
102301 : Pair 100mm single action spring hinge No.1, silver sprayed
102305 : Pair 125mm single action spring hinge No.5, silver sprayed
102309 : Pair 150mm single action spring hinge No.9, silver sprayed
102313 : Pair 175mm single action spring hinge No.13, silver sprayed
121117 : Pair 200mm single action spring hinge No.17, silver sprayed



102329 : Pair 75mm double action spring hinge No.29, silver sprayed
102330 : Pair 100mm double action spring hinge No.30, silver sprayed
102333 : Pair 125mm double action spring hinge No.33, silver sprayed
102336 : Pair 150mm double action spring hinge No.36, silver sprayed
102339 : Pair 175mm double action spring hinge No.39, silver sprayed
101142 : Pair 200mm double action spring hinge No.42, silver sprayed
150033 : Pair 125mm double action spring hinge No.33, stainless steel



110005 : Spare locking pin, small size (No. 0/1/5 & 29/30/33)
110036 : Spare locking pin, medium size (No. 9/13 & 36/39)
110042 : Spare locking pin, large size (No.17 & 42)
110002 : Spare tension bar, small size
110001 : Spare tension bar, large size


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