Zero Unigear Continuous Hinges

Zero Unigear Continuous Hinges High performance, heavy duty, integrated door hinges that dissipate kick-back and impact shock while maintaining smooth, effortless door swing.  Unlike conventional hinges, the Unigear hinge spreads stress along the full length of the door and frame.  Manufactured from heavy gauge aluminium alloy with solid support blocks of self-lubricating Delrin, the Unigear is perfect for new or retrofit construction projects.  Options include hospital tips (HT), electrified pass through (EPT), concealed electric conductor hinge (CE), and school option with non-removable cap (SC).  The Unigear is tamper proof and weather resistant.  Template hole pattern allows for advance door and frame preparation.


2134mm and 2438mm, but also available 2743mm for tall doors.


Standard number of bearings to suit doors up to 100 kg, but also available with double the number (DB), recommended for heavy duty or high traffic doors up to 215 kg.


SC – SCHOOL OPTION : Unigear can be specified with a non-removable cap at the hinge top to guard against foreign material being dropped in.

CE – CONCEALED ELECTRIC : Electrified feature enables hook-up of alarms, buzzers and locks. Typically six wires.

EPT – ELECTRIC POWER TRANSFER : Cut out to accommodate Von Duprin (or equivalent) power transfer unit. Specify hand when ordering.

HT – HOSPITAL TIPS : Top of hinge is chamfered to provide anti-ligature protection.


910AA, 910DBAA


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