Intumescent Lock Packs

Intumescent Lock Packs Intumescent lock pack for DIN standard lock cases (as shown here). Comprises FS4004 intumescent gasket to fit both sides of lock case in timber doors. This expands 80 times its own volume in the event of fire and protects the door from burning through in this vulnerable area.


Grey 2mm thick graphite material, with self-adhesive backing.


Pre-cut to suit DIN standard lockcases. Other sizes to order.


Increase width of mortice when cutting out for lock. Apply to sides of lock using self-adhesive backing and trim to size if necessary. Fit lock in normal fashion, fixing furniture through the intumescent pads.


ZLP44 is included in WF Assessment Report No 190867 Issue 4 dated 30.03.2010. Products may be fitted to previously tested insulated timber doorsets or uninsulated steel doorsets to provide up to 60 minutes integrity if tested in accordance with BS EN 1634-1: 2000, in the proposed configuration i.e. single-leaf or double-leaf.

For 30 minute timber doors the lockcase does not need intumescent protection, but Zero intumescent should be fitted both behind the lock forend and behind the strike plate. For 60 minute timber doors the lockcase must be wrapped with Zero intumescent lock pack. Additionally Zero intumescent should be fitted both behind the forend and behind the strike plate. ZLP44 intumescent lock packs are not required on steel doorsets.

ZLP44 is supplied as a complete pack of four pieces, but individual components are available separately.

ZLP44 : 4 part complete intumescent lock pack
ZLP44-650 : 76mm x 165mm individual piece for lockcase side
ZLP44-675 : 25mm x 171mm individual lipped piece for strikeplate
ZLP44-750 : 76mm x 190mm individual piece for lockcase side, scored
ZLP44-812 : 25mm x 235mm individual piece for forend


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