KISO Butyl Sealing Strips

KISO Butyl Sealing Strips KISO has been making butyl in Denmark since the early 1980’s, and has increased the product range and capacity over the years, so that it is an essential part of their activities today. The KISO Butyl used in sealing strips is a very special product, with unique characteristics. The main quality of butyl is that it never hardens and remains permanently elastic. In fact it continues to remain elastic and adhesive for a minimum of 30 years, when mounted correctly. It is flexible and can adsorb movements in constructions, where it is mounted, partly due to the fact it gives into pressure. It is waterproof and airtight, which makes even thin strips of butyl particularly suitable for use in the construction industry.

Generally Butyl does not contain harmful substances, and is solvent free and does not give off fumes. When being applied, it leaves hands and surfaces clean.

The application temperature must be above 5°C. It should be applied by hand directly from the reel: apply the butyl firmly on one surface, remove the protection paper, and make contact with the other surface firmly. Surface preparation must be clean, dry, grease and dust free.

The standard stock product is the KISO 358 but we can also supply KISO 501 which is covered with an aluminium foil, and KISO 512 which is covered with a polypropylene based non woven backing. If you require further details or technical data sheets on these products please contact us.

358 1520 : 1.5mm thick x 20mm wide x 28 metre coil, grey
358 2020 : 2.0mm thick x 20mm wide x 20 metre coil, grey
358 60 : 6.0mm diameter x 8 metre coil, grey


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