Zero Intumescent For OEM Use

Zero’s approach to intumescent products and solutions is different from other manufacturers. Where other companies market one product for all purposes, we concluded from our own R&D that one size really does not fit all needs – not if you want best performance in every case. Recognising that optimum performance is application-specific, we engineered separate products using different formulations and materials to meet specific needs and conditions. We manufacture all these products at our manufacturing facility in Bronx, New York, USA. One of our four specialised intumescent materials will most likely give you exactly the performance you need. The primary characteristics that distinguish different formulations are:

  • Activation temperature.
  • Expansion – volume and force.
  • Char – hard, or soft and fluffy.
  • Capacity for continued expansion (stable char).

FS1001 is designed for blocking the effects of heat where little or no expansion is needed or desirable. For example, where undercutting for fitting automatic door bottoms subjects timber doors to accelerated heat transfer, lining the vulnerable U-channel may restore the fire integrity of the door.


FS2002 is well-suited for applications where explosive expansion would jeopardize the integrity of the fire and smoke seal, yet require a firm char for resistance to external pressure. This material is ideal for glazing, and is used extensively with our LoPro and Slimport vision frames.

POPULAR SIZES : 2062375PSA, 2062500PSA, 2125375PSA, 2125500PSA


FS3003 SOFT PUFF™ has been developed specifically for doors. This rubber matrix material begins intumescing at relatively low temperatures. It expands gradually to fill all gaps with moderate force that will not unlatch the door, and has sufficient reservoir capacity to continue intumescing if escape doors are closed again. FS3003 also stands up well to the stringent requirements for protecting fire doors on oil rigs, which are subject to especially intense heat and flames.

POPULAR SIZES : 3125750PSA, 31251000PSA, 31251500PSA


FS4004 is graphite-based material formulated to expand to approximately 80 times its original volume. This expansion rate works very well for filling lock-side top corner gaps typical of metal doors exposed to extreme heat. FS4004 is used extensively in our FBLS Fire Block Louvre System, and to line door aperture cut-outs.

POPULAR SIZES : 40621750PSA, 40622125PSA, 4125500PSA, 41251000PSA


All intumescent products are non-carcinogenic and asbestos-free. Unlike other products available in the marketplace that require special sheathing because of short shelf life, FS3003 is a very stable material. Intumescent products are rubber-like in texture and are easy to cut and glue, whereas other products tend to be brittle and more difficult to handle. And we offer our product in a variety of convenient standard sizes.


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