Kiddylock Swimming Pool Locks


These child-proof locks are designed to prevent toddlers and children under five years old from wandering in to private swimming pool areas without adult supervision and falling in to pools with all the associated dangers.  They are manufactured from stainless steel in France and meet the requirements of La norme NF P 90-306 (barrières) which requires that two separate hand actions are necessary to open the gate.  Doors must be hinged to open out of the pool area and fitted with self closing hinges (or a door closer) and a nightlatch function lock for the Kiddylock knobs to function effectively.

To open the gate or door, press forward on the knob to engage the clutch, and whilst maintaining pressure, turn the knob to operate the lock.  At the same time, use your other hand to pull the gate open.  Simple for an adult, but not for a child.  If the gate or door is fitted with spring hinges (or a door closer) and a nightlatch function lock, it will close automatically and safely lock the door again.

KLS50DR : Single knob with blind slotted release. With oval roses for knob. 8mm spindle
KLS50DD : Pair of knobs for doors. With oval roses for knobs. 8mm spindle
KIDROSI2079 : Pair of oval roses to suit euro profile cylinders

KITKID3D : to suit anti-clockwise closing gate
KITKID3G : to suit clockwise closing gate

KITKID4D : to suit anti-clockwise closing gate
KITKID4G : to suit clockwise closing gate


MATERIAL : Stainless steel

FINISH : Knob polished, roses and escutcheons satin



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