Nemef Panic Locks


A heavy-duty panic lock with an Auto Deadlocking function. Every time the door is closed and the latchbolt operates with the snib depressed the deadbolt automatically shoots out and locks the door, no further action by key or turn is required. Often used in hotels, apartments etc.

From the inside all that is used is a half set of levers that when depressed withdraws the latchbolt and the deadbolt, so no cylinder / turn is required on the inside. This provides the panic option. From the outside all that is used is a single cylinder so when the key is turned it withdraws both the deadbolt and the latchbolt. No levers are required on the outside.

  • Conforms to DIN 18251
  • Conforms to EN179 (depending on handle used)
  • European style 72mm centres, 60mm backset and 9mm follower
  • 20x235mm Stainless Steel radiused forend

Z699 : Left Hand Figure 3 open out

Z699 : Right Hand Figure 4 open out

ZSCO2 : Follower sleeve, 9mm to 8mm


Z1769/56 : split follower, Figure 3, 65mm

Z1769/56 : split follower, Figure 4, 65mm

ZP1769/17 : strike plate, Figure 3, ss

ZP1769/17 : strike plate, Figure 4, ss

Please note when Z699 and Z1769 lock cases are used with a key and key euro profile cylinder, the key must be removed to ensure correct operation. NOT TO BE USED WITH A THUMBTURN CYLINDER.


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