AFDL Inverted Y Louvre


Our most popular louvre, the AFDL louvre is easy to install using screws that fasten the auxiliary frame to the louvre core through the cutout in the door, leaving the corridor side of the frame free from fixings for added security and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. This eliminates the need to drill holes through the door, saving time and installation labour.

The AFDL is designed only to suit a 44mm thick door. To accommodate different door thicknesses, two new models have been introduced. AFDL-N suits doors 38mm to 44mm and AFDL-W suits doors 45mm to 55mm thick. All other details remain the same as the AFDL.

AFDL Inverted Y Louvre MATERIAL

18GA. Galvanised Steel – Frame. 22GA. Galvanised Steel – Louvre Blades.


Galvanised steel grey primed – other finishes available to order, including Grade 304 and Grade 316 stainless steel.


50% free area. (36.6% when using insect mesh).

Special security fasteners available.


The free area of a louvre is an approximate percentage based on the open area between the blades through which air can pass. The percentage free area has long been used as a convenient means to select louvre type and size but is not an indicator of the louvre’s performance (air flow rate).


We often get asked to confirm the air flow rates of both the AFDL and FDLS louvres. This can be calculated, but there are a number of variables that are required in order to do so. These are as follows:

  • Volume of air in cubic metres per second. This is usually specified as a minimum requirement value.
  • Desired air speed/pressure, usually in miles per hour/pascals.
  • Louvre type and size.

Using the above criteria we can determine the airflow for a specific size louvre, or the louvre size required to achieve a specific airflow.


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