Corni Ministar 429 Rim Panic Exit Devices


CORNI MINISTAR 429 is a complete modular range of surface mounted push-bar panic exit devices manufactured by ASSA ABLOY Italia S.p.A. The panic latch patterns use the same modular transformation kits of vertical rods and latches. An added bonus is that the same transformation kits are used with the CORNI MINIPAD 423 range and the CORNI TOUCH 445 touch-bar range. This modularity helps to reduce customers’ stock levels. Single panic bolts are supplied with three point locking as standard; top, bottom and central. These may be converted to two point locking top and bottom by the use of a blanking plate to nullify the central latch if required. CORNI MINISTAR 429 is suitable for use on mid-rails of doors made of steel, timber, aluminium and PVCu.

Different latch kits offer the option for both pullman latches to shoot vertically top and bottom, or shoot horizontally (making three horizontal latches at the top, middle and bottom), or with one pullman latch shooting vertically and one shooting horizontally (although this makes the unit handed). A horizontal shooting bottom latch avoids the need to drill the threshold and eases installation. All latches are stainless steel. The range conforms to the European standard EN 1125: 2008 on panic exit devices, is CE marked, and is suitable for use on fire rated doors. The standard finish is black, with the exception of the cross-bars which can be supplied red or real satin stainless steel as an option.





(central side latch nullified)



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