MAB Panic Hardware – EXIT1000 Spare Parts

product-mab The MAB EXIT 1000 Series is a range of Push-bar exit devices, and is modular with the panic latch patterns using the same modular transformation kit of vertical rods and latches – this helps to reduce customers stock levels. The range has pullman latches as standard, and single panic bolts are supplied with three point locking; top, bottom and central. These may be converted to two point locking top and bottom by the use of a blanking plate to nullify the central latch on the rare occasions this may be required.

Another great advantage is that they can be supplied with either vertical (top and bottom) or horizontal (side) pullman latches in any combination, although this may make the unit handed. The range conforms to the European standard EN 1125:2008 on panic exit devices, and is CE marked. The standard finish is black, with the exception of cross-bars which can be supplied red or stainless steel.

The ‘Tiraapri’ outside access devices are fast and easily installed, and are supplied with a 40mm long euro-profile standard differ cylinder, but can be supplied master keyed to special order. ‘Tiraapri’ can be supplied either locking (key can be taken away and the door can be left unlocked) or opening (when key is taken away the door is always locked). By simply removing three screws in the back of the unit prior to installation, customers can replace the standard differ cylinder with their own master keyed cylinder without the need for any drilling.

  • Modular non-handed range
  • Multi-purpose mechanism to help customers reduce their stocks
  • Installation extremely easy on very narrow profiles without any backplate
  • Panic bolts with (optional) three point locking as standard
  • Pullman latches as standard
  • Fast and easy installation of non-handed ‘Tiraapri’ and ‘Rotazione’ Outside Access Device
  • Universal for timber, hollow core metal, and narrow stile aluminium doors
  • Great versatility of vertical latches and side latches
  • Reduced height for mounting on mid door rail
  • Especially suitable for narrow-leaf doors thanks to its shallow projection
  • Certified according to European Standards EN 1125:97/AI:2001 and CE marked with the following classification 3 7 6 0 1 4 2 2 A

EXIT1000 SERIES – COMPLETE SETS : M1040.00, M1440.00, M1240.0Z, M1246.0Z, M1248.0Z, M2480.0Z, M2481.0Z, M2482.0Z

ACCESSORIES TO SUIT EXIT 1000 SERIES : A0191.30, A0191.F0, A0191.I0, A0198.30, A0226.30, A0223.30, A0273.30, A0291.30, A0292.30, A0225.30, A0227.30, A0300.30

OUTSIDE ACCESS DEVICES : A0416.30, A0417.30, A0999.00, A0998.00


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