Z301 Door Co-Ordinators

Z301 Door Co-Ordinators Door selectors will enable a pair of self-closing doors with a security astragal on one leaf (steel doors) or rebated meeting stiles (timber doors) to close in the correct sequence automatically, no matter which door is opened first. Door selectors protect the doors during closing to ensure that the leaves close in the correct order irrespective of which side was opened or closed first.

Z301 door selectors are manufactured from satin stainless steel, and are supplied complete with two rubbing plates. The standard unit is the Z301.250 which has a 250mm long arm and suits most door widths (600-1150mm). The Z301.300 and Z301.350 are available for wider door leafs, 800-1300mm and 1300-1800mm respectively.

This door selector is adjustable. When the operational angle of the lever is not satisfactory (due to unusual door widths or any gap at the meeting stiles), the unit may be adjusted by releasing the locking screw, turning the adjusting screw, and then re-locking the locking screw.

Warning: The unit will become damaged if the selector is set below an angle of 90°.


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