Z302 Gravity Type Co-Ordinators

Z302 Gravity Type Co-Ordinators The Z302 co-ordinator is a UL Listed device used to co-ordinate the closing of pairs of doors in jamb openings of 914mm to 2642mm wide. The co-ordinator mechanism and inactive leaf brackets are cast of solid brass, satin chrome plated. The roller strike for the top of the inactive leaf is wrought stainless steel. The overall projection of the co-ordinator arm is 178mm. The roller at the end of the co-ordinator arm cushions the contact of the active leaf when it is closing. The reversible nylon roller which lifts the co-ordinator arm ensures smooth and long-lasting operation. A curved lip roller strike is supplied with all devices.

When the active and inactive leafs are open, the co-ordinator arm pivots downward, positioning the arm and rubber roller below the top of the active leaf. As the active leaf is closed it comes into contact with the arm and roller and is held open. When the inactive leaf is closed, the nylon roller on the co-ordinator mechanism comes into contact with the roller strike and lifts the projecting arm above the top of the active leaf, allowing it to close in the correct sequence.

When the active leaf is in the closed position, the door bracket on the inactive leaf and the nylon roller position the co-ordinator arm above the top of the leaf allowing it to open and close freely.

  • Manufactured from brass and stainless steel
  • Non-handed (reversible on site)
  • Conforms to ANSI/BHMA 156.3-2008, Type 21, 21B
  • UL Listed
  • Individually boxed with fasteners and installation template
  • Satin chrome plated finish, code US26D


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