Z304 CE Fire Door Co-Ordinators

This image shows the separate elements of Zero's door co-ordinators: brackets, main body and keep.

As you’d expect, our door co-ordinators do a great job of doing what they’re supposed to do. Their function is to ensure that a pair of self-closing doors shut in the correct sequence, automatically.

However, ours also stand the test of time. We’ve tested them fully to one million cycles, and we’re so confident they’ll last we’ve added a 10-year guarantee.

Why are door co-ordinators important?

If a pair of doors is fitted with door closers, they don’t always close in the right sequence. You’ve seen the result: a pair of doors that doesn’t quite close in the middle. Our door co-ordinators make sure there’s no gap, regardless of which door leaf you open first. This is particularly important for fire/smoke-rated doors and self-latching security doors.

The arm drops down under gravity when the doors are opened. It then blocks the second closing leaf until the first one has closed to the frame.

How do I fit door co-ordinators?

Also known as door selectors, ours come with full fixings and fitting instructions, and they’re simple to install.

The standard adjuster arm is 102mm long, but you can order longer ones for thicker or wider doors and for steel doors with internal and external astragals (available in 152mm/203mm).

Where can I use them?

Our door selectors are suitable for timber doors with rebated meeting stiles and steel doors with security astragals.

We have designed them to fit timber doors up to 1,219mm wide at all standard thicknesses and rebate sizes. They are also suitable for wider steel doors.

If your doors are non-standard, or are used in difficult or unusual conditions, get in touch with us. If you can provide a detailed drawing of your meeting stile and astragal, together with door thickness and width, we’ll confirm suitability.

Technical specs

Our standard door co-ordinator finishes are satin anodised aluminium (SAA) and simulated plated satin stainless steel (SSS). These are always in stock.

If you need something a little different, we can provide other finishes to order:

  • Gold anodised (GA)
  • Polished anodised aluminium (PAA)
  • Mirror chrome plated (MCP)
  • Polished brass plated (PB)

Our range:

  • Z303 : Selector with tubular rebate catch to suit timber doors (not fire-rated)
  • Z304.1/102 : Selector with surface rebate catch and 102mm arm (fire-rated)
  • Z304.2/102 : Selector with extended rebate catch and 102mm arm (fire-rated)
  • Z304.1/152 : Selector with surface rebate catch and 152mm arm (fire-rated)
  • Z304.2/152 : Selector with extended rebate catch and 152mm arm (fire-rated)
  • Z304.1/203 : Selector with surface rebate catch and 203mm arm (fire-rated)
  • Z304.2/203 : Selector with extended rebate catch and 203mm arm (fire-rated)
  • Z304.6 : Adjuster arm only, 152mm long
  • Z304.8 : Adjuster arm only, 203mm long

Our guarantee

We have tested all our door co-ordinators in accordance with BS EN 1158:1997. They are classified as 3 5 5/3 1 1 0 (certificate TC/02/11/01/C1) in accordance with Clause 4. They are guaranteed for 10 years.


Take a look at the full product details and catalogue, or phone +44 (0) 1785 282910 for assistance.