Z3780 Universal Co-Ordinators

Z3780 Universal Co-Ordinators The Z3780 Universal Co-ordinator is for pairs of doors measuring up to 2438mm wide. The long arm holds the active leaf open until the short arm is depressed by the inactive leaf. When the doors are closed, the arms are hidden by the stop-mounted aluminium case.

The Z3760 carry bar is an optional extra available for pairs of doors where the inactive leaf can be opened before the active leaf. It is mounted on the inactive leaf and is supplied in USP matt black finish as standard.

The Z3780 is a one size model and suits all pairs of doors up to 2438mm wide. This new design has adjustable arm to accommodate active door only 610mm wide; simply remove the two screws from the active arm, adjust the arm to its shortest length and re-insert the screws.

  • One size for all pairs of doors up to 2438mm wide with adjustable arm to accommodate 610mm active door
  • Manufactured from steel and aluminium
  • Non-handed
  • Stop mounted
  • Overall size 38mm wide x 512mm long x 15mm deep
  • Matt black finish, code USP
  • Meets ANSI A156.3, Type 21 requirements (when used with carry bar)
  • Mounting brackets not required when using stop mounted hardware
  • UL listed for use with pairs of swinging fire doors with astragal
  • Mounted to frame with six screws
  • Supplied complete with both wood screws and machine screws for timber or steel fixing
  • Not for use with exposed vertical rod panic devices


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