Z600 Series Soffit Mounted Co-Ordinators

The Z600 Series is a patented US manufactured range of soffit applied door co-ordinators designed to function in high frequency areas with minimum maintenance. This tried and tested innovative design provides a smooth, quiet, invisible, and tamper-proof means of controlling the closing sequence of the active and inactive leafs of a pair of doors fitted with self-closing devices. They are widely used on pairs of doors equipped with astragals, rebated meeting stiles, vertical rod exit devices, automatic flush bolts, and self-latching flush bolts.

The Z600 Series is designed to become an integral part of the head frame. Each set should comprise a co-ordinator mechanism and a filler bar which are mounted continuously on the soffit. Together they provide an even, unbroken line between active and inactive door hinge stops. The co-ordinator mechanism sits above the active leaf and houses the active leaf hold-open lever at one end and the inactive leaf release trigger at the other end. This mechanism is available in five sizes but should be ordered at least 102mm longer than the width of the active leaf so that the inactive leaf release trigger comes into contact with the inactive leaf. It is important to understand that the size of the co-ordinator mechanism is determined by the width of the active door leaf for this reason. A matching filler bar of the same profile is then supplied to sit above the inactive leaf so that the mechanism appears to run the complete width of the head frame between the hinge stops.


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