Slimblind Venetian Blind System


Slimblind is an original privacy product based on a slim Venetian blind sealed hermetically between two pieces of glass which is then held in the door or wall by a two part steel or stainless steel vision frame kit.

Slimblind was the first hermetically sealed Venetian blind system to achieve fire ratings on timber doors within the UK and Ireland. This revolutionary new product has been developed by ZEROplus and successfully fire tested in conjunction with Pilkington, the world leader in glass technology.

Since the blind is encased within the glass, the Slimblind provides a clean dust-free appearance preventing moisture, condensation and dirt. No cleaning of the slats is necessary and they always appear pristine and cannot be damaged since they are permanently sealed. The blind is operated by a magnetic knurled dial operator without breaking the insulating seal. This operator can be either secured permanently to the unit or used as a removable device to prevent unauthorised use of the blind. With great aesthetics this product has modern appeal and is hygienic and truly maintenance free.

The double glazed blind unit (DGBU) is usually supplied with mild steel or stainless steel vision frame trims with slim projection that hold the unit within the door. The DGBU can also be supplied as a stand-alone unit for fixing in to the door with timber beading.

Mild steel frames can be powder coated (to RAL colours) to colour co-ordinate with any surrounding, and blind slats can be supplied in nine architectural colours. For large projects, blinds can even be manufactured incorporating more than one colour e.g. alternate blue and yellow.


The complete Slimblind units have been successfully fire tested to BS EN1634.1 at Warrington Fire and are suitable for 30 minutes integrity (44mm thick doors) and 60 minutes integrity (54mm thick doors). Tests were conducted in the most onerous combination i.e. Pilkington Pyrodur™ to the heating conditions. This means the unit can be installed either way round, regardless of the direction of fire risk. They can be used on timber and steel fire doors of suitable construction.

PRODUCT CODES : SB1030/T2, SB1616/T2


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