Worktop Waste Bezels

Worktop Waste Bezels Worktop waste bezels are designed to be fitted in worktops in restaurants and hotel kitchens above waste receptacles. They are manufactured from easy to clean stainless steel, and are available in various shapes to suit different designs of kitchen, or to differentiate between different types of waste e.g. recyclable products and food waste.

With minimal projection off the face they prevent build up of dirt and germs on the work surface. The edge lining is 45mm deep and is designed to suit 40mm thick worktops.

WWB.1 : 200mm dia clear chute bezel, satin stainless steel
WWL.1 : 260mm dia circular lid, satin stainless steel

WWB.3 : 150x150mm clear chute bezel, satin stainless steel
WWL.3 : 212x212mm square lid, satin stainless steel


product-bezel-knobs WWK.1 : 20mm diameter cylindrical knob, satin stainless steel

WWK.2 : 25mm diameter spherical ball knob, satin stainless steel


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