ZEROplus has introduced a range of fire and smoke tested self-adhesive silicone fin seals, to complement its popular teardrop seals, 188S, 488S and 388S.

The 1771S (single fin) and 1772S (twin fin) have been developed specifically as meeting stile seals in response to requests from steel door manufacturers to solve the problem of sealing meeting stiles on pairs of fire rated doors. With Tee fins at 90 degrees, both can be fitted to either the astragal or the leading edge on a pair of doors. The 1773S (available soon) and 1777S have Tee fins at 75 degrees and can be used as perimeter seals fitting into the rebate across the head and down both sides of the frame.

All four seals have been positively assessed for use on insulated or uninsulated fire rated steel doors, for a duration up to 240 minutes to BS EN 1634-1. This new range has also recently been included in a series of smoke leakage tests and achieved the requirements of BS EN 1634-3. Copies of all reports are available upon request.

They are all supplied with double sided backed PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) tape and are suitable for internal and external doors. These products are currently only available in black, although they may be available in dark bronze, white and grey depending on quantity.

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Posted on 28th June 2018 at 4:27 pm