Drop seals, auto door bottoms, threshold seals – call them what you will… they are one and the same! This product solves the often overlooked problem of sealing the gap between the floor and underside of the door – simply, effectively and economically. They ‘drop’ to the floor when the door is closed to provide a barrier against light, air, smoke, radiation, but more usually… sound! They retract automatically when the door is opened.

Adjustable drop to 25mm max
Tested to 5 million cycles
Surface mounted or mortice patterns
Sizes 305mm – 3497mm in 152mm increments
Units can be trimmed on site
Non-handed and operate from one end only
Integral intumescent available
Light springing DDA pattern available

For further details on the full Zero range of thresholds, seals and dropseals please contact Mandy Greaves.

Posted on 26th January 2006 at 12:00 am