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ANSI Self-Latching Flush Bolt – Z016



The Z016 (845) is U.L. listed (3 hours) for use on the inactive leaf of a pair of metal doors, and fits the standard ANSI preparation. The units are supplied in pairs, consisting of a self-latching top bolt for the top of the door, and a standard automatic flush bolt for the bottom of the door (this bottom bolt is exactly the same as the bottom bolt in the Z004/842 opposite). The bolts are fully automatic and require no power or electricity.

Both bolts are fitted in the first closing door (inactive leaf). At the top of the door the self-latching flush bolt has a bevel shaped bolt and will engage the curved lip strike in the head of the frame as the first closing door (inactive leaf) closes, locking it at the top. The bottom bolt, an automatic flush bolt, will engage the sill and frame strike only when the second closing door (active leaf) is closed. Therefore, when both door leaves are closed, both top and bottom bolts are engaged.

The bottom bolt will be released when the active door is opened. The top bolt will remain locked until the circular plunger is manually depressed on the face of the bolt, and then it will be possible to open the inactive leaf.

The patented non-handed free floating cam triggering device is at the heart of this smooth easy-acting mechanism; a low closing force of only 5 lbs of the active door is required to extend both top and bottom bolts. An override feature prevents damage to doors or frame, should the bolt heads and strikes be misaligned i.e. the bolts be prevented from penetrating either the top or bottom strikes. Bolts can be vertically adjusted 38mm for unusual clearances, floor or head conditions.

Fits standard ANSI prep for metal doors.

Reversible, non-handed. It is not necessary to reverse either top or bottom bolt.

Standard finish US26D SCP satin chrome plated; other finishes available to special order.

Packed as a set i.e. top bolt and bottom bolt.

Comprises 2 x bolt housings, 2 x housing faceplates, 2 x rods with tips, 2 x frame & sill strike, 2 x reversible top & bottom bolt head guides, 2 x active door strikes, and all screws.

Supplied with installation template.

The body measures 25mm wide x 172mm long x 51mm deep, and the rod is 355mm measured from the centre of the flush bolt body to the bolt tip.

One set. 25 sets per outer.


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