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“Ceramic Type” Glazing Tape – FS9009-WHT



Available since 1998, FS9009 is manufactured using spinning technology, and is based on a calcium-magnesium-silica chemistry. It gives excellent thermal and physical stability up to its operational limit of 1100ºC, and has a melting point in excess of 1330ºC.

FS9009 contains no carcinogenic ceramic fibres so is a vast improvement over older style ceramic tapes. FS9009 can be used in a whole range of applications as thermal insulation, particularly as glazing tape in fire rated steel doors. It is lightweight and flexible in use and is generally only available in white, although it can be supplied in black given sufficient quantities. Please note FS9009 is only suitable for internal use. If being used externally it is suggested that a bead of silicone mastic is applied to seal the FS9009 and prevent ingress of water.

It has been included in successful fire tests up to four hours on steel doors with LoPro vision frames and Slimport circular portholes. WF Report No. 190621/A Issue 2 dated 09.05.2013 to BS EN 1634-1: 2000 and WF Report No. 190869 Issue 4 dated 09.05.2013 refer. FS9009 should be subject to 50% compression.

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