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Channel Spring Recoil Stay – Z109/PACK



The Z109 is a surface mounted door stay typically used on open-out external doors. It is a well-proven and versatile door stay as it provides a degree of friction as the door opens, limits the door’s angle of opening and has a spring recoil feature in the channel to cushion the door and act as a shock absorber as it reaches the full extent of its travel. This helps protect the door and frame and also reduces wear on the hinges.

It also has a hold-open feature that will hold the door open at 90° in the fully open position. The swinging pawl automatically falls into the locking position and keeps the door in the open position. To close the door, the door must be pushed open even further and this will allow the swinging pawl to disengage and drop down so that the door can be closed. If the stay is mounted closer to the hinge axis the door will open beyond 90°, but if it is mounted further away from the hinge axis the door will open less than 90°. All parts are manufactured from mild steel and are galvanised to afford protection against corrosion. Maximum door weight 125kg.

Z109.0Z and Z109.1Z are universal and suit both left hand and right hand doors. However the Z109.2Z is handed and you will need to specify whether the stay is to suit a clockwise closing or anti-clockwise closing door when ordering. See page 259 for handing chart. This door stay is available in three sizes to suit different door widths, but the smallest stay is also designed to work on standard width doors fitted with panic bolts. Since the channel is shorter it does not interfere with the panic bolt’s vertical rods.

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