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Finprotect Plus Single Narrow Set – FP50



– Prevents children’s fingers getting trapped in doors.
– Three different profiles to suit hinged doors and double action doors on floorsprings.
– Available in white, black, brown, grey, blue, red and yellow.
– Totally concealed fixing and fast to fit with only 6 Torx screws per side.
– Strong design with five years guarantee, tested to 1 million cycles.
– Standard lengths 1980mm and 2500mm which can be easily cut to length on site.
– Can be temporarily removed if required to adjust hinges.
– One product suits both internal and external doors.
– Self-tapping screw pack available for metal doors.
– Self-adhesive tape pack available for glass, PVCu and composite doors.
– Dual hardness synthetic section slots into aluminium channels on door and frame.

Finprotect Plus finger protection strips are anti-trapping devices that protect children’s fingers at the most dangerous side of the door: the hinge side. This is the side of the door where accidents can have serious consequences for thousands of children every year. It is so easy for little fingers to be trapped, crushed or pinched as a door closes. Fitting Finprotect Plus at the hinge side stops children’s fingers getting trapped and prevents every parent’s worst nightmare.

Finprotect Plus is ideal for use in play schools, nurseries, schools, supermarkets, family restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, libraries, leisure clubs, day-care centres, elderly persons’ homes… in fact any building likely to be frequented by children or elderly people. It is quick and easy to install and keeps functioning year after year.

The standard set ref #FP5090 is a two-part set that fits both sides of the leaf. It comprises a narrow section for the hinge knuckle side of the leaf (pull side), and a broad section for the other side of the leaf (push side), this can be used on most single swing door types. There is also a single swing two-part set available ref #FP90120 which incorporates the wider #FP120 broad profile. This can be used on aluminium, PVCu or steel single swing doors to give maximum opening angle.

The single broad set ref #FP90 protects only the push side of the leaf, whereas the double swing sets #FP9090 or #FP120120 protect both sides of the double swing leaf. The #FP9090 is to be used with offset pivots i.e. double action spring hinges, whereas the #FP120120 set can be used with double action floor springs. If required, it is possible to order only the narrow set ref #FP50 for the hinge knuckle side on duct doors etc. The dual hardness synthetic section slots into aluminium strips which have been fitted to the door and frame. This provides a totally concealed fixing.

Finprotect Plus is available in white and black, and five colours: brown, grey, blue, red and yellow to co-ordinate with building colour schemes and door hardware. Please note that all RAL codes are indicative. Please see table opposite for exact colour options.

The standard length for Finprotect Plus is 1980mm requiring no cutting if being used on standard 2040mm doors, but it can be cut to size with a junior hacksaw. However 2500mm lengths are also available to order for taller doors. The aluminium profiles that are fitted to the door and frame are 15mm wide x 10mm high and are also easily cut to suit door and frame height.

Double swing aluminium doors and PVCu doors fitted with Finprotect are limited to 130° in either direction. However, the maximum opening angle for hinged timber and steel doors is between 130° and 180° depending on the type of hinge being used and the door thickness. If in doubt please refer to the measuring templates on our website which show the maximum “reach” of each profile; remember to print them off at a scale of 1:1 and then offer them up to the door and frame to establish which Finprotect profile is required for your door. For problem doors required to open to 180° we always suggest using the extra wide profile (#FP120).

Finprotect has been tested to one million cycles at SHR (Holland) and is guaranteed for five years, subject to correct installation and fair wear and tear. It has been tested for safety, function and durability at LGA Nürnberg (Germany) and for fire retarding M1 at CSTB (France). TÜV certified.

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