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HD7000 Series Extra Heavy Duty Surface Fixing – Z108HD



Any door can be subject to all kinds of abuse such as forced, violent openings, and wind and draught conditions. This is particularly true of external doors opening outwards. The use of an overhead holder/stop can control the door opening and prevent damage to hinges, door and frame, and eliminate costly repairs. The 7000 Series door stays are surface mounting and fit underneath the head of the frame and attach to the face of the door. They have a strong spring to absorb some of the opening shock when the door is opened, and a hold-open roller arm to hold the door open from 85° to 110° (5° increments) determined by the mounting position of the stay on the door and frame. To disengage the hold-open and close the door, the door is pulled off the roller arm in the direction of closing. These door stays are widely used by utility companies and the power generation industry, also in high traffic areas.

The door stay includes a heavy duty shock absorbing spring which provides 3° to 5° cushion before dead-stop. The roller arm engages on the frame bracket as the door is opened and holds the door open from 85° to 110°. To close the door, the door is pulled off the roller arm in the direction of closing. The tension of the hold-open can be adjusted using a spanner on the nut at the end of the rod; clockwise to increase hold-open tension and anti-clockwise to decrease it. These door stays have a pull-off holding force of up to 136kg depending on the adjustment of the end nut and roller arm.

Five sizes to suit heavy duty doors up to the maximum widths as shown in the tables below. Particularly suited to heavy metal doors, maximum door weight 160kg. Only suits hinged single action doors swinging one way. When fitting to hollow metal doors and frames please ensure suitable reinforcement is provided. These door stays are not handed and can be fitted to LH or RH doors. Standard installation from 85° to 110° angle of opening (5° increments) as per fixing instructions. As with any door stay, mounting the door stay closer to the hinge axis allows the door to open to a greater angle.

Stainless steel is the base material for the frame (jamb) bracket and the door bracket on both the 7000 Series and the N7000 Series below. However, on the 7000 Series the rod is mild steel silver cadmium plated, the spring and nut are mild steel zinc plated, and the fixings are mild steel. On the N7000 Series, all the components are Grade 304 stainless steel including the rod, spring, nut and fixings. This makes the N7000 Series more suitable for wet or coastal environments to prevent corrosion. Z108 has been successfully tested to Grade 3 (96 hours neutral salt spray exposure) in accordance with BS EN 1670:2007 Building Hardware – Corrosion Resistance. NZ108 has been successfully tested to Grade 4 (240 hours neutral salt spray exposure). Report No. WIL 392103 dated 30.01.2018 refers.

Both of the door stays below are supplied with the choice of four wood screw or four metal thread fixings for the frame bracket, and three bolt-through fixings for the door bracket, suitable for both steel and timber doors. Please note the fixing packs supplied with 7000 Series and N7000 Series are different as can be seen in the photos below. The 7000 Series is supplied with zinc plated mild steel sex bolts for doors 44mm to 51mm thick. Since these sex bolts are not manufactured in stainless steel, instead the N7000 Series has three bolts with grommet nuts for 44mm thick doors. These brass grommets are nickel plated to match stainless steel.

These door stays are usually mounted internally underneath the head on the push side of opening out external doors. However optional angle bracket ref Z70377 enables this door stay to be mounted on the pull side of the door (pull side mount), thus making it suitable for inward opening doors. This bracket can also be used on the push side of the door when door and transom are flush (push side flush mount). The bracket is US32D satin stainless steel so compatible with both door stays below.

The 7000 Series is a hold-open door stay so it cannot be used on fire rated doors in its standard format. However it can be supplied to special order without the hold-open (known as “Stop” function) and these are UL Listed in the US for use on wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes and metal fire rated doors up to 180 minutes. 7000 and N7000 Series have also been assessed by Exova to BS EN 1634.1 as suitable for use on uninsulated steel doors up to 240 minutes, copy of Report No WF 387314 Issue 3 dated 31.08.2017 available upon request.

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