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Hoop Post Door Restrainer With Small Infill Panel – Z135F



These products are used on schools and public buildings, and are fitted externally on outward opening escape doors. They are set in position slightly offset from where the escape door will be when opened to 90 degrees, and can prevent the escape door from being pushed round further than this and damaging its hinges. When fitted with the Z440 door buffer or Z1402/582 birds beak holder (shown on page 198) they can be used to hold the door open at 90 degrees. These door restraints serve another purpose in that they prevent building escape doors being obstructed by bicycles and rubbish bins etc. Since they are fitted externally they are all manufactured from zinc plated mild steel, but all patterns are now available in stainless steel. Goal posts and hoops are available with mesh infill panels. References with “P” have pins at base, and with “F” have flange at base. Please note products supplied in zinc finish should be painted by the customer before supplying to site. Zinc finish is not a satisfactory final site finish as welds and joins will remain visible and may be considered unsightly.

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