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Intumescent Hinge Pad – ZHP44



ZHP44 intumescent hinge pads are fitted behind the hinge on timber doors as this is an area most likely to suffer integrity failure in a fire. In the event of fire, they rapidly expand to provide additional protection and insulate the heat transfer from hinge to door and frame.

Cut from 2mm thick FS4004 graphite material, with self-adhesive backing on one side. The activation temperature is 288°C and they expand 80 times their own volume with an expansion pressure of 0.09 N/mm². ZHP44 intumescent hinge pads are supplied in packs of six pre-cut pieces with full installation instructions.

The depth of rebate should be increased when cutting out for the hinge. Apply the pad to the back of hinge using self-adhesive backing and trim to size if necessary. Fit the hinge in the normal fashion, screwing through the intumescent pads, ensuring hinges are flush with door/frame.

Intumescent hinge pads cannot be tested as a stand-alone product. Each situation is different. Performance is dependent upon the door specification and hinge specification and the interaction between each of these components. However FS4004 type intumescent is a well proven material which has been included in many successful fire tests in various applications over years. This offers confidence to manufacturers wishing to adopt a reliable hinge pad material where situations demand.

Hinge pads are available in five sizes to suit all regular size hinges; 102x76mm, 102x89mm, 102x102mm, 114x102mm and 114x114mm. They are available with square corners as standard, but can also be supplied with two 10mm radius corners to suit radius corner hinges. Suffix ref -R instead of -S.

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