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Lever Action Flush Bolt



We are sometimes asked for stainless steel flush bolts but there is not a great choice available. It should be noted that the Z003R for steel doors on page 206 and the Z007 for timber doors above are both manufactured from brass – neither will rust and both have the finished appearance of stainless steel. However where real stainless steel is required, we offer four patterns as shown below, although it should be noted that small concealed working components of these are made of mild steel.

These stainless steel lever action flush bolts are fitted top and bottom in the leading edge of the inactive leaf of a pair of doors. When both leaves are closed the flush bolts cannot be seen. With the inactive leaf bolted and secure, the active leaf can be locked and both leaves become secure. When ordering easyclean sockets and dust excluding sockets to fit in the floor please tell us which bolts they are being used with so we can ensure they will accommodate the bolt’s shoot.

Lever action flush bolts. Satin stainless steel. 12mm or 15mm throw.

Fixings not included.

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Additional information




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