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PVCu Door Concealed Restrictor – Z130



The Z130 concealed door stay has a 16mm wide x 330mm long channel track and is specifically designed for recessing into the standard Euro groove profile at the top of the door. A Euro groove is an industry standard feature on most PVCu doors but also features on some aluminium and timber doors. This is the groove in the door edge where multi-point locks, espagnolette bolts and door stays are fitted. It is always 16mm for PVCu, but can be 20mm in timber.

Typically used on PVCu conservatory doors, patio doors and French doors the Z130 suits either hand of door and both inward or outward opening doors. It has an opening angle of up to 125 degrees but the channel has multiple fixing holes to locate the nylon end stop which allows smaller opening angles to be set (adjustable stop position). When the door is in the closed position the door restrictor is totally concealed and when it is open the arm and head frame plate are visible.

It has an aluminium channel track, stainless steel arm and zinc alloy head frame plate so it is suitable for external use. It has an adjustable “stop” position to limit the opening angle of the door and prevent the door swinging into walls, downpipes, projecting sills and garden furniture. Friction is also adjustable by means of an adjusting screw in the sliding nylon block to give more control over the door, but please note that over-tightening will result in damage to the door and restrictor. Fixing screws are not supplied with this product.


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