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Slimport Circular Metal Vision Frame – SP



The ZEROplus top selling Slimport is a circular vision frame for installation in doors, walls and partitions. It is available to suit four different door cut-outs: 250mm, 350mm, 450mm and 550mm. With countersunk holes in the bevel return on one side only, and 25mm screws that pass through the door cut-out and fix internally, the Slimport looks good aesthetically, and is totally free from visible fixings on the corridor side.

The Slimport low projection porthole is available in four diameters and offers concealed fixing one side, and screw fixing through the bevel on the other side. The fixing screws pass through the door cut-out and fasten to the opposite side of the vision frame, eliminating the need to drill the door for through fixing bolts. They are designed for flush fitting to both steel and timber doors.

Each set is supplied complete with all fixing screws and instructions. Glazing tape, intumescent aperture liners and glass should be ordered separately. The door cut-out should be the same size as the order size of the vision frame i.e. 250mm, 350mm, 450mm or 550mm.

Please note products supplied in zinc finish should be painted by the customer before supplying to site. Zinc finish is not a satisfactory final site finish and may be considered unsightly.

Slimports are available to suit the four most popular door thicknesses of 40mm, 44mm, 50mm and 54mm with a tolerance either way of ±2mm. The glazing pocket is 10mm wide (±2mm in relation to the door thickness) to accommodate 6mm thick glass and appropriate glazing tape. If you have other door and glass thickness combinations please contact us regarding availability.

To obtain the reference for different diameter Slimports, simply change the ‘250’ in the references above to ‘350’, ‘450’, or ‘550’. The suffix ‘-SS’ refers to satin stainless steel – other finishes available.

Glass is available in four diameters to suit the four diameters of Slimports. Glass size is 27mm less than cut-out size for each diameter. Slimports have a 10mm glazing pocket to accommodate glass and glazing tape (either standard foam, fire rated intumescent tape or “ceramic type” tape) so it is important to use glass nominally 6mm thick (i.e. 5-7mm thick). If using 9mm FireLite it is important to use the thinnest FS9009 glazing tape available i.e. 2mm thick.

Glazing tape is fitted to both sides of the glass before it is sandwiched between the two parts of the Slimport vision frame. It is available either 0.8, 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 3.2, 4.0, 6.0 or 8.0mm thick to suit slightly different door and glass thicknesses. For non-fire rated doors, use GT-132/GT-116/GT-18 closed cell polyvinyl chloride foam; for timber fire rated doors use FS2002 intumescent glazing tape. In the event of fire this tape starts to intumesce at 176˚C and expands 6-8 times its volume to ensure that the integrity of the door and vision frame is maintained. For steel fire rated doors requiring greater than 60 minute fire ratings use FS9009 “ceramic type” tape which ensures the glass does not slump at higher temperatures. This tape is non-carcinogenic.

To calculate the length of glazing tape required for each diameter, refer to the circumference dimensions and multiply by two. (Circumference = π d). FS9009 should be subjected to 50% compression.

On non-fire rated doors it is simply a case of cutting the correct diameter hole in the door and fitting the Slimport with glass and foam glazing tape.
On fire rated steel doors this remains the case, although the foam glazing tape is upgraded to FS2002 intumescent glazing tape (under 60 minutes) or FS9009 “ceramic type” glazing tape (over 60 minutes).

However on fire rated timber doors, it is necessary to line the aperture with a FS4004 1.6mm thick intumescent liner which in the event of fire begins to expand at 288˚C and expands 80 times its volume to ensure that the integrity of the door is maintained. The liner is supplied with PSA pressure sensitive adhesive tape, and is available 44mm wide for 30 minute fire doors and 54mm wide for 60 minute fire doors.

To calculate the length of aperture liner required for each diameter, refer to the circumference dimension on page 90. As a general rule, the quantity of aperture liner required will be half the amount of glazing tape.

Mild steel and stainless steel Slimport glazed vision panel systems are assessed for up to 60 minutes on previously successfully fire tested timber based doorsets and up to 240 minutes on insulated and uninsulated steel based doorsets (mild steel, galv steel and stainless steel) with respect to BS EN 1634-1: 2000 and/or BS 476: Part 22: 1987. WF Assessment Report No. 190869 Issue 5 dated 17.03.2016 refers. Copy available upon request.

Slimport frames must be used in the same configuration as tested with an aperture of the same size as that proposed being used (vision or louvre acceptable). Doors must have been previously tested to the relevant standard. All four sizes of Slimport are covered by the assessment, as are mild steel and stainless steel frames. Some glasses are assessed to EN, but others have BS approval only. See Report for full listing.

Zero FS2002 intumescent glazing tape and FS4004 intumescent aperture liners should be used on timber doors. FS9009 “ceramic type” glazing tape should be used on steel doors, prices on pages 98-99. NO TIME CONSUMING HARDWOOD DOOR LIPPING IS NECESSARY.

If Slimports are being specified for fire rated doors, it is important to use the glass, glazing tape and intumescent liners in the combinations as detailed in the Report.

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