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Slimport Circular Metal Vision Frame – SP435



As a general rule, Slimports are designed with a 10mm glazing pocket to suit 6-7mm thick glass and 1.6mm thick glazing tape fitted to both sides of the glass. However where thicker double glazed units are being used we can offer a 450mm diameter set that offers a 24mm glazing pocket on a 44mm thick door. This will suit 18-20mm thick double glazed units with glazing tape. It consists of two identical Part A rings spun to be only 10mm thick (rather than the usual 20mm). Because of this, the fixing method is different to standard Slimports.The Part A rings are supplied undrilled and one side is usually welded (or screwed) in first, then the double glazed unit fitted. It may be necessary to provide a seat for the double glazed units as the vision rings themselves will provide no support. Finally the second ring is drilled through the flat face and screwed into place.The clear vision is 400mm, and the usual cut-out for this product is 450mm but it will be less in this instance; a 435mm diameter cut-out is recommended. Please note these units have not been fire tested. Double glazed units should be ordered at 430mm diameter, with the maximum edge distance specified as 13mm.


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