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Surface Fixing Friction Door Stay – Z105



The Z105-Z is a heavy pattern surface fixing friction door stay manufactured in both mild steel and stainless steel. Mild steel units are zinc plated before being silver sprayed, which makes them suitable for external use. However this door stay is also available in barrelled finish stainless steel for use in aggressive conditions. Please note this is not an architectural stainless finish; barrelled finish looks very different to satin stainless steel. Although stainless steel stays are not the cheapest on the market they will not succumb to corrosion and will continue to operate effectively for years to come.

Mild steel and stainless steel patterns have the same dimensions. The Z105-Z measures 229mm from centre to centre of arm. To adjust the friction, tighten or loosen the locknut on the friction box using a spanner.

65mm spacing from the hinge axis will give an opening angle of approximately 90°. Decrease this dimension for greater angles (e.g. 95-100°) or increase the dimension for restricting the door to approximately 80-85°.

If more or less friction is required, adjust the hexagonal bolt accordingly. It is important that the friction is checked and adjusted regularly. This device is designed to control the speed of opening and closing: it is not a door stop or holder. To prevent damage to the door or adjacent cladding, a supplementary door stop should be fitted, particularly if the building is in an exposed position.

Since it is a surface fixing product, this door stay is suitable for use on both timber and steel doors.

Both Z105-Z and Z105ST have been successfully tested to Grade 4 (240 hours neutral salt spray exposure) in accordance with BS EN 1670:2007 Building Hardware – Corrosion Resistance. Report No. WIL 392103 dated 30.01.2018 refers.

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