How to cut energy prices and stay warm this winter

The winter months can be expensive, but by following some simple tips you can cut down on your energy bills and stay warm. Draught-proofing your doors and windows is one of the best ways to do this, as it stops heat from escaping into the cold air outside.

Draught-proofing doors and windows can stop heat from escaping, saving you money on your heating bills throughout the year.

If you have fireplaces in your home, draughts can be even more dangerous as they can cause chimneys to smoke and even catch on fire. So make sure you have them fitted with proper dampers to stop this from happening.

What is draught-proofing?

Draught-proofing is the process of preventing cold air from entering a building through cracks, holes, or gaps around the frame of a window, or door. Why is draught-proofing important? It’s vital in reducing energy costs and climate control because it stops heat from escaping through these areas and keeps it indoors where it belongs!

Door draught-proofing.

  • To reduce heat loss, make sure that your doors fit tightly against their frames. If they don’t, you can use weatherstripping, door sweeps and draft excluders to make them draught-proof.

  • It's important to draught-proof your doors because even a small gap causes a lot of heat loss – enough to increase your energy bills by about £15 per year for each 5 degrees C difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

  • What can I use to draught-proof my doors? Recommended seals and draught-excluders are Draught Excluding Door Seal - KISO "141" Profile EPDM, a self-adhesive door seal. Adjustable Frame Seal - 871. Or a Drop Seal.

Window draught-proofing.

The first step to cutting energy bills and keeping warm this winter is to draught-proof your home. Draught-proofing involves sealing gaps around windows and doors, which are often the biggest sources of heat loss.

Why do windows let in draughts? Windows can become drafty for several reasons:

  • The seals around them may be damaged or loose;

  • There could be gaps between frames and walls;

  • Frames may be poorly fitted (eg not at right angles).

What can I use to draught-proof my windows? Recommended seals Ellen Renovation Silicone Seal or Ellen Universal Plus Replacement Seal (speak to for details).


So if you’re looking to cut your heating bills and stay warm this winter, try some of our top tips. They’re simple to do and will save you money on your energy bills throughout the year!

Make sure you look out for the 'Energy Efficient' badge below on your door hardware products. To help to save energy and reduce energy bills.

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