new operations director at ZEROplus



Following a twelve-month trial period as Operations Director Designate, Iain Banks is officially our new Operations Director. Congratulations, Iain!   


Over the last 21 years, Iain has worked in various departments across the company and has accumulated invaluable experience and product knowledge along the way. At the tender age of 18, Iain began his career at ZEROplus, where he worked as a warehouse operative, picking and packing products for dispatch. Two years later, Iain moved to our internal sales team and a few years later started working as a sales representative. In this role, Iain visited customers across the Northwest, Southwest and Wales. After eight years in the sales department, Iain took the position of Export Manager. As Export Manager, Iain created awareness of the company across Europe for the next ten years.  


new operations director at ZEROplus


Managing Director, Mark Lockley, said:   

‘After 21 years of service and hard work, Iain absolutely deserves this role, so I am really pleased to be able to announce his promotion to Operations Director. For some time now in fact, Iain has overseen the general day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring things happen as they should, and when they should. Therefore, the promotion to Operations Director not only enforces him in this role but also strengthens our Board, adding an extremely dedicated staff member. Congratulations Iain!’  


Not only busy in the workplace, Iain also has his hands full at home. With five children between the ages of four and 18, he typically spends his weekends entertaining his children or being a taxi service. When he has a rare five minutes, Iain enjoys catching up with the cricket, rugby or football.  


When asked about his promotion and long career with ZEROplus, Iain said:   

I’m really pleased to have been promoted to Operations Director at a company I’ve worked at for such a long time. For me, one of the reasons ZEROplus is such a great place to work is the people. Over half of all our employees have been with the company for over ten years, which tells you everything you need to know. We have a great bunch of people and it’s a pleasure coming into work.’   


Congratulations, Iain! And thank you for all your hard work and dedication.   

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