Coming to grips with our range of door handles.
After a Monday of catching up on emails and over-the-weekend orders, the team at ZEROplus are keen to get back into learning mode, refresh specific product knowledge and initiate our new starters.

Led by our Operations Director, Iain Banks, the team delved into everything door handles. From hardware regulations to why we use different door handle types for specific uses.

For example, to sprung or not to sprung? That is the question.

Sprung (left) and Un-sprung (right)
Iain explains, “If the handle is un-sprung (without its own spring mechanism) it will be fully reliant on the mechanism of the latch it is attached to. Creating an increased risk of wearing out and having to replace the entire unit.

If the door handle itself is sprung, the workload will be shared between the door handles spring and that of the latch, and has a massively reduced risk of fault.”

The main takeaway from this session is that ZEROplus have a product for every scenario, and our team should be prepared to recommend the product that best suits the users needs.

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