Door Louvres


Also known as ventilation grills, door louvres help to improve the ventilation and general airflow around a building. Whether you have a commercial, industrial, or residential space, adequate ventilation is essential as it helps eliminate any lingering moisture, indoor pollutants, and control temperatures.

Having sufficient airflow will make your home or workplace a much healthier place to be. Ventilation reduces the risk of condensation, dampness, mould, pollutants, and Volatile Organic Compounds from harming your health and wellbeing.



Buildings Need Adequate Airflow

A buildup of condensation in your space could lead to you living or working in a damp environment, which isn’t great for your building or health. Spending time in damp, mouldy conditions can trigger asthma, as a high-humidity environment is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and their waste.

It’s also estimated that indoor air contains up to 900 chemicals and could be 70% more polluted than outside air. Invisible gases called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are produced by various indoor products, from wall paints and air fresheners to cleaning products and carpets. So ventilation and airflow are essential to reduce these pollutants where possible.



Types of Door Louvres

Ideal for residential and commercial or industrial buildings, door louvres help provide ventilation and temperature control. But what types of louvres are available? Need louvres for your fire-rated doors? And which are best for your building? Here are four of our most popular types of fire-rated and non-fire-rated door louvres:



FBLS Fire Block Louvre System

Do you have fire-rated doors to rooms that need ventilation, such as plant rooms, computer rooms or manufacturing areas? The FBLS Fire Block Louvre System allows for airflow while maintaining the integrity of your fire doors and preventing the spread of flames. Suitable for steel and timber doors, the FBLS is designed for doors with a minimum thickness of 44mm (about half the length of the long edge of a credit card) and no maximum thickness.

The FBLS has been successfully fire tested on steel doors with up to four hours of integrity under BS EN 1634 – 1:2014. And with a fire resistance of up to 60 minutes on timber doors under BS 476 – 22:1987.


Inverted Y Louvre

A popular type of door louvre due to its self-attaching fixing method, giving concealed fixing on one side. The non-vision, inverted Y louvre, is easy to install, aesthetically pleasing and suits metal or timber doors. Available in either galvanized or stainless steel and with other finishes to order, our NGP/Anemostat L-700-RX Metal Louvres are available in a range of stock sizes.


Inverted Split Y Louvre

The non-vision, non-fire-rated FDLS inverted split Y louvre can be fitted to doors of any thickness. This louvre fastens directly onto both sides of the door through countersunk mounting holes and can be used on doors with a minimum thickness of 29mm (about 1.14 in) to any thickness.


Hooded Louvre Ventilator

Suitable to use on doors or walls, our aluminium hooded louvre ventilators are weatherproof and provide excellent airflow. Available in various sizes, these wall or door louvres are a great choice for general domestic or light commercial building ventilation.


The Importance of Ventilation

Ensuring the sufficient ventilation of your home or commercial property is crucial to the health and wellbeing of its occupants. Adequate airflow around your building will help to remove toxins and C02 from the air; it reduces the risk of condensation, helps prevent the spread of infections, improves energy efficiency, and reduces the impact of VOCs.


Door louvres help provide a building with the airflow needed for a healthier living environment. Take a look at our range of fire-rated and non-fire-rated louvres today or call us on 01785 282 910 to talk to one of our knowledgeable team.

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