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Fire-rated door packs make sourcing your fire door hardware easy. With everything you need for your timber fire door in a single kit, your fire door will look great, meet fire safety regulations, and you'll save time. Ideal for HMOs, offices or other public buildings, every product in our fire-rated door sets has been fire-tested and has a minimum fire resistance of sixty minutes.  


The Importance of Fire Doors 

A fire in your building can happen anywhere and at any time. And the results can be devastating. Having fire safety measures in place is so important, and the role of a fire door can't be overstated. Fire doors help to compartmentalise your building, buying people time and protecting assets.  

Fire doors are essential to help keep people safe in the event of a fire, minimise property damage, and are a legal requirement for commercial buildings. By providing a barrier, they help to slow the spread of smoke, heat, and flame through a building, creating crucial evacuation time.  

From January 2023, if you own or manage a multi-occupied residential building over 11 meters high in England, you must check all your fire doors quarterly and flat entrance doors annually.  


Where are Fire Doors Needed?  

Typically, fire doors are needed for fire escape routes, walls where compartmentalisation is required and in high-risk areas. To maintain their effectiveness, all fire doors should be regularly checked and maintained.  

To help you with your fire door maintenance checks, the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers has recently created this helpful guide: GAI HAS CALLED poster.pdf 

The GAI recommend you regularly check the following:  


  • Glazing & vision panels  
  • Apertures  
  • Intumescent fire & smoke seals  
  • Hinges 
  • Lever handles, pull handles & push plates  
  • Signage  
  • Door closer  
  • Air transfer grilles  
  • Labels 
  • Excess gaps  
  • Door leaf & frame condition  


Fire Rated Door Packs from ZEROplus  

Whether you need your timber fire door to be lockable or non-lockable, our fire-rated door packs provide an easy way to install or maintain your fire doors. With three different fire door kits available, each in a pull or lever handle option, our fire-rated door packs contain all the fire-rated door hardware you need to meet fire safety regulations. All our kits have been individually tested and fire-rated by third parties.  


fire rated door packs


The Passageway Fire Door Kit 

Available with either a pull handle or lever handle option, The Passageway Fire Door Kit is perfect for corridors, passageways or through doors that don’t need to be lockable.  


The Office Fire Door Kit  

Available with either a pull or lever handle, The Office Fire Door Kit is the ideal choice for timber fire doors that need to offer some security. This fire door pack features a lockable cylinder and turn, with the turn fitted on the interior side of the fire door and the cylinder on the exterior. The door is locked from the inside using the turn and from the outside with the key.  


The Apartment Fire Door Kit 

The Apartment Fire Door Kit is available with either a pull handle or lever handle and features a lockable, euro double cylinder and keys. This kit is ideal for timber fire doors to rooms, areas or living spaces that need to be secure and lockable with a key from both sides. 


From door closers and push plates to intumescent seals and fire exit signs, our fire-rated door packs contain a mix of the following: 


  • Door closer – BS EN 1634:1:2000 certified  
  • Pull handle – BS EN 1634:1:2000 Certified  
  • Push plate - Can be fitted without compromising your door’s fire rating  
  • Lever handle set – BS EN 1364-1 Certified  
  • Fire exit sign – Can be fitted without compromising your door’s fire rating 
  • Hinges – BS EN 1634:1:2000 certified  
  • Hinge pads – BS EN 1634-1:2000 
  • Mini teardrop seal – BS EN1634-1 and BS EN1634-3 fire and smoke certified  
  • Lockcase – BS EN 1634-1:2000 certified  
  • Lockcase intumescent seal – BS EN 1634-1:2000 certified  
  • Escutcheons – BS EN 1634-1:2000 certified  


Whether you’re a property owner, facilities manager, tradesperson or caretaker wanting to ensure your timber fire doors are safe and compliant, learn more about the fire-rated door packs you need. Or call us today on 01785 282 910 to speak to our friendly team about our extensive range of door hardware. 

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